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34 Modern is a Design + Build firm that specializes in country modern living. We carefully pair modern architecture with a timeless design to create a home that is future, past and present. From a revived old barn converted into a modern home or a modern home on rolling acres. We develop, design and build our own product but also offer our build and design services independently. We are passionate about our work and inspired by challenges. We have over 20 years combined experience in the industry and are excited to bring our vision to the Texas Hill Country.

We are a family of creative minds. We design, build, live and dream in a modern world. However, we also love the great outdoors and wide open spaces. The views that embrace the beauty of a Texas sunrise or sunset. The nostalgia of generations past and buildings that stand the test of time. We celebrate the old by integrating it with the new. We design and build to embrace a country modern lifestyle. It’s our passion, and we are blessed to pursue it daily. We value family more than anything else and hope to invite you into ours one day soon.
– The Kinchens


“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Aldo Leopold

Green building is a term we hear quite a bit today. But what about green development. Go figure, the land was already green, right? Land is beautiful. It is a gift that was not given freely and is often treated with disrespect. It has life that we look to preserve through our development. We respect the land for what it is. A beautiful masterpiece that we didn’t create. We strive to let the land speak with builders that appreciate green building and sustainability.

Our goal in any development is to preserve the land at all cost. We do this by partnering with the right builders that appreciate the land as it was intended to be. A canvas for their sustainable, high performance home. If the land is exempt, we fight to leave it exempt. If there are old buildings, we secure them and leave them for generations to come. We believe in preservation at our core and we strive to leave nature, well, natural.

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

Walt Disney

We specialize in modern designs that have a timeless influence. We offer design services to our clients that build with us as well as those who just need someone to think outside of the box. We design for new construction and renovations.

Our philosophy is that modern design, although modern at its core, can embrace classic elements of past designs. We love pairing old with new to create a timeless space that is centered around functionality and dedicated to your living style.

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.”

David Allan Coe

A blank canvas or the revival of an existing one. An opportunity to create. Your vision and our expertise are brought together to make a home. A place where life happens, people grow and memories are made. It’s our passion to help create this place, and then to call it your’s.

“Build it right the first time” is what they used to say. Well, we do. From the foundation to the last paint touch-up, we go beyond just building a house. We build and renovate homes that are modern in design but true to our country roots. We build homes that fit you, your family and your life.


Modern architecture, natural materials, clean lines and bright spaces. A combination of old and new inspires us to develop, design and build where we can embrace modern living through a timeless design. Take a look at designs we like on Houzz.

Why 34 Modern?

Family First

We love our family with an unconditional love just as God has for us. Family will always come first. We hope to invite you in as a part of our family soon.


We love design, architecture and new trends. We also love the beauty of generations past. Our modern designs embrace the past to create a timeless design.


A house has walls but we don’t let them box us in. We think BIG. We aren’t scared of challenges. In fact, we invite them. We see them as opportunities for something great.

Quality Driven

Having over 20 years combined experience, we know quality, and we will never sacrifice savings for the sake of it. Generations past taught us well. We build to last.


Our focus is you. We listen to your vision and your needs. We work within your budget to create something extraordinarily different that fits only you.


For every house built, we commit to donating a portion of the proceeds to shelter and food for those in need in the Houston and Austin communities.


Although we’re pretty flexible, we like to follow this process in order to keep your project on track. We always start with a face-to-face meeting. We want to know you before we know what you like. We also want you to know us and how we work, giving you peace of mind in our process.

Discovery Phase 1:
– What you want and what you need
– Current pain points
– Your architectural, exterior and interior style
– Plans you like
– Set-up Houzz ideabook
– Your budget
Discovery Phase 2:
– Site visit
– Local regulations and obstacles
– Define budget
– Conceptual sketches
Discovery Phase 3:
– Create preliminary budget
– Define cost effective solutions
– Contracts and approvals for next steps

Design Phase 1:
– Initial meet and greet with our Architects
– Research building materials
– Define specifications list
– Create budget
Design Phase 2:
– Release Architect for initial design concept
– Begin selections
– Create preliminary specifications
– Release Architect for drafting
Design Phase 3:
– Review architectural drawings and change accordingly
– Review value engineering options
– Send out RFP’s
– Update specifications
– Review bids
– Capture budget savings
– Finalize budget, plans and specifications

Build Phase 1:
– Submit plans for permitting
– Obtain permitting
– Secure insurance
– Final funding and contracts
– Construction kick-off meeting on-site
Build Phase 2:
– Long lead purchases
– Break ground
– Weekly site walks
– Top-out review
– Dry-in review
– Pre-finishes walk and review
Build Phase 3:
– Pre-punch walk
– Punch walk
– Settle all outstanding change orders and draws
– Request Certificate of Occupancy
– Welcome Home!


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