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It Starts with Gingerbread

  14.01.2016   admin   Family Biz   No comments

They start young over here at the family biz. This was too good not to share. So Konnor, the youngest, and I went on a little shopping trip. I turned

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we wanted to talk about tables. Food brings people together. It is a known fact that gathering around a table to enjoy a meal brings

The Chameleon House

  19.11.2015   admin   Design   No comments

Sometimes I think we wish the design of our home could change with the trends every year, or in my experience, every couple of months. The chameleon has it made,

Great Ideas

  26.10.2015   admin   Design   No comments

We love Houzz. So many great ideas. We have started several ideabooks that you should check out. We will be updating regularly. We hope to work with several of these

34 Modern is born!

  17.10.2015   admin   34 Modern News   No comments

Here we go... We have had a vision for years of developing, design and building communities that preserve the land, incorporate modern architecture and are reminiscent of generations past. We love