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Sometimes I think we wish the design of our home could change with the trends every year, or in my experience, every couple of months. The chameleon has it made, being able to adapt to any change in any environment at any time. He also has the answer. Have one design that is remarkably different but adaptable to any change in environment with the passing of time. So how can we accomplish this? Is it the selections of the finishes or accessories? Is it the roof line, soffit and exterior? Is it the floor plan layout? It’s all of those and more. No, really, it is. Cue 34 Modern… We strive to design and build where we can incorporate the old (or existing) with the newer, modern trends. This mixture of old and new allows for a timeless design that blends the nostalgia of the past with trends of the future. The next big thing on Houzz or Pinterest are surprisingly resemblant of the design trends we saw generations past. So, we use the past to be a foundation for the future in the here and now. Let us design, build or renovate a timeless home for you. Hope to see you soon. 

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